Corporate Health

During the span of any business day does the following thoughts of doubt ever cross your mind?

Why is my organisation not producing results at the level I know we can achieve?
Why is it that despite consistent hard work and overtime, I do not see exponential growth?
I could perform better, but I just don’t seem to be making the change happen.

These are all common thoughts and feelings that resonate throughout the corporate world. 

At its very highest level, our workforce and executives are expected to achieve significant goals which can lead to both stress and/or burnout, which ultimately results in illness, depression, dysfunction and breakdown.

Health Matters

Health and Productivity often go Hand-in-Hand

The healthcare of executives is rarely considered and when someone does fall prey to illness, they are treated at a very superficial level.  Contemporary Medicine looks at healthcare in an unbalanced way. 

The human physiology and minor early tell-tale signs can sometimes be left ignored until it reaches critical mass - by then poorly functioning physiology has transitioned to a state of pathology.


All illness begins as poor physiology which eventually progresses into a state of Pathology

Physiology: functions and activities of life or of living matter and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved
Pathology: Structural and functional deviations from the normal that constitute disease or characterize a particular disease

After years of experience in various fields of healthcare our specialists have come to fully understand that for a person to operate at their optimum levels they need to take a more proactive approach in maintaining their physiological function.

What We Do

Our aim is to Help Corporations and Executives Identify and Balance the key areas of stress in the human body via the Chemical · Physical · Emotional framework also identified as the Bio-Psychosocial framework. 

The Human Stress Machine

Stress in the human body can be derived from three  forms

Chemical Stress


  • Poor diet, Alcohol, Polutants, Hormone Imbalances, etc.

Emotional Stress


  • Executive Stress, Anxiety, Loss of loved ones etc. 

Physical Stress


  • Repetitive strain, Work related injuries, Sporting Injuries, etc.

Now, Think Very Carefully About This Concept...

If you wish to be a high functioning individual or to improve productivity at the workplace; you need a guide, someone with extensive knowledge and experience to help and guide you or your organisation and help you reach your goals. You need to have the proper integrated support network to provide you with sufficient sustenance and accountability.

This is The Vision of Life Alliance

Our specialists can aid yourself or organisation by becoming essential coordinators to achieving optimal corporate health and wellness. We want to help organisations reprogram and better themselves Chemically · Emotionally · Physically.

Within our framework of Predicting, Changing and Ensuring lies the key to help you change your pathway for success so that you no longer have those questions of doubt. 

And even more importantly your organisation and self can enjoy exponentially improved quality of life, longevity and sustainability when given the right tools to function optimally. 

When We Work As An Alliance, We Can Align Our Strengths to Make You Stronger
— Neil Brodie (Founder, Life Alliance)