Life Alliance is Here to Help You

Why are we not more proactive in looking after our bodies and mind?

There is often a disconnect with what we want and what we do. In relation to our health we want the best of health, to live a long happy life and free from disease.  What we do to achieve that lifesaving goal is not always congruent with the outcome we want.  Our health is our most precious commodity, meaning without good health we will not be able to enjoy our family, friends or the fruits of our labour.

The answer to this important question is Self-Defeating Behaviours

While we know what we want, our subconscious mind can undermine us. Past experiences and even inherited traits can lie deep in our subconscious, silently destroying good habits and behaviours.

The good news is these negative ‘programs’ can be changed with help. The body is a memory system recording positive and negative experiences. What we need to do is to increase the good experiences to counterbalance the bad.

In healthcare there are many specialists.  This is a good thing because expertise is needed when dealing with difficult cases, however the down side of that approach is we can lose sight of the big picture.

The three Pillars of Health 

When considering improving health we need to consider 3 areas all together. Our Physical Health, our Mental Health and our Chemical Health. For instance, a person with a high degree of mental stress and anxiety will probably do well by having psychological help.  However, for increased effectiveness and long term results the chemistry of the body must also be assessed as well as the physical repercussions of the stress. If one of these 3 areas are out of balance it will affect the other 2 areas to some degree.

Life Alliance is about looking at the big picture

Recognising that one profession does not have all the answers, Life Alliance has searched out quality professionals in both Traditional and Complimentary medicine to provide an Alliance to bring to you the strength and skills of both sides of medicine.

In addition to this knowledge and skills we provide goal outlines and coaching to get you through barriers to where you truly want to be. Without this added support our self-defeating behaviours will undermine your long-term goals.

Without this additional ‘coaching’ you might start out strong on your own, but history tells us that very few people can maintain quality life style changes long term. Even less people really consider the 3 areas of health focus and its implications.  Some will go to the gym, others focus on diet and some might have a mental strategy but do not combine all 3.

Ask yourself, “Have I written down health goals covering the 3 areas of importance and are visualising how I will be in years to come?

Don’t feel bad as very few do but can you see the advantage of not only having this in place but having someone to help you achieve your goals?

Are You Ready to Make The Change?

To change habits, we need help.  Life Alliance is here to help you overcome the negatives that inhibit you attaining your life potential. We can achieve this by helping you Predict, Change and Ensure your Health Outcomes. 

Our Life Alliance specialists help minimise self-defeating behaviours, provide ongoing goals, provide structured plans and assist you with the best professional medical help. At the same time progress you at a pace you can handle.  Just one step forward at a time is a step in the right direction.

 We are here to help you with your goals at your pace with the best support we can provide.